Thanks for checking out Inanimate Shorts! This blog is a collection of comics by myself, Matt Knieling, spanning backward over the last few years and forward until…well, we’ll see, I suppose.

My concept with these comics is to do either very short stories, loosely related but self-sustaining series comics, or even just one shot solos. To this end, while I have posted them here in something of a chronological order, you may find it difficult to follow them simply by scrolling backward. Instead, I would recommend checking the My Comics tab up above, and following one of the categories listed to the individual archive of like comics. There are a few different ones currently: My Scribbled Life, the largest, is a series of quick and silly journal comics.  The Voyage of the Clementide is a mini comic, told in verse, about two skyfaring adventurers. Stand Alones are, quite simply, single shot comics, clumped together for convenience. I realize this is a bit of an odd set-up for webcomics, but I feel it’s the only style that really fits for my particular body of work.

Beyond my comics, please feel free to check out my Art Blog, with much of my other sketches and illustrations. And if you’re a fan, why not make it official on Facebook?

If you would like to contact me personally, I may be found at inanimateshorts {a.t} gmail.com.

Thanks again!

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